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First look at SharePoint Spaces using 3D printer files

SharePoint Spaces is a new 3D experience that allows you to create pages with 2D and 3D (Yes, 3D) web parts to explore content in a new and exciting way. This innovation was announced at the SharePoint Virtual Summit back in May 2018, that would incorporate mixed reality experiences, leaping forward in presenting, interacting and consuming 3D content within SharePoint.

A first look at Modern Multilingual Communication Sites

For communication sites, we could enable other languages - this has been an option, the UI, Navigation, and configurable artefacts could support other languages, with one caveat, you could not easily support multilingual content until now!

Taking a direct approach leaping to a modern Intranet

You have an on-premises SharePoint farm with an Intranet, Publishing Portal, Blogs or Wikis - we will go through the approach on how you can transform your SharePoint on-premises portal to SharePoint modern sites using a more direct method.